39 year old billionaire sees value of 50-plus workers

Time magazine’s 2015 Person of the Year  Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, a UCLA dropout, will be hiring more older drivers for his ride-share company.

Uber doesn’t look at age. They look at ones passion for solving a problem.

  • 23 percent of Uber drivers are 50 and older.  Drivers are their  own boss. They turn on and off  work [with a smartphone app]  and  don’t have to ask for permission.  The flexiblity makes it an attractive way to work.
  • Folks over 50 often have extra optimism and passion for their communities and might know the city  better than anybody. That deep knowledge about their city is the cherry on top.
  • Working with older workers allows  younger managers  the opportunity to  tap into older workers expertise and knowledge. The younger manager can capture  the older workers infectious enthusiasm for solving challenges and problems  and passion  about the work and doing it well.
  • Today’s sharing economy starts with convenience, quality and affordability for the person who wants to get around the city. The ability to push a button on your phone for a car to pick you up immediately- the freedom and mobility that gives is remarkable.
  • Uber drivers world-class background checks, a good, clean record and customers  feedback, rating the driver  makes sure only the best drivers stay in the system. Uber has had great feedback from senior-citizen communities.To learn more about how you can participate to earn extra money, go to www.uber.com/aarplr.

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4 Responses to 39 year old billionaire sees value of 50-plus workers

  1. Betty lynne says:

    6 ways to help an older worker with a younger boss thrive

    Older workers and younger workers can learn from each other.

    Stifle that urge to do all the talking and regale younger colleagues with tales of the good old days Instead, ask questions, and listen with an open mind. You may be surprised by how much you learn.

    Young people are turned off by any kind of condescension. Instead, offer encouragement. No matter how confident younger colleagues may appear, they’re often riddled with insecurities. Even the most successful appreciate praise. So be generous with your compliments and support.

    Don’t pretend you fit in.
    Pretending that you belong, hoping that your younger colleagues will see you as one of them, will only earn their contempt. Instead, think of yourself as a tourist in the country of the young. Stop in at a club that young people frequent, have a cup of coffee and chat with the crowd milling around. You can learn from the different perspective they have from your.

    Keep up with pop culture.
    Make sure you are tuned in to the present. Know what’s going on in the news, what TV shows or musicians are popular, what websites young people like. Get familiar with the ways that young people communicate — such as by texting and on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

    Share your expertise that by virtue of having lived half a century or more, you have gainedt. Within your field, for instance, you have an idea of what has worked and what hasn’t. You know that traumatic events can throw everything into chaos, but that chaos subsides and order returns. Young people don’t know that, and can’t. But don’t lecture them. Instead, talk to them and explain what you know about how the workplace works. Share your perspective in a positive and collaborative way.

    Be willing to help younger people succeed, even when they’re placed in positions above you.

    From 50 Plus! Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life by Robert L. Dilenschneider © 2015. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted by arrangement with Kensington Publishing.


    • Heather says:

      A bit more about why older workers can be a great asset to a business.
      1. They can see the big picture. Older workers have weathered lots of business ups and downs. They have a long-term perspective and can help the workplace stay calm during difficult times.

      2. They’ve got people skills that boost morale. They know the value of a phone call instead of a text, a face-to-face “good morning” or personal congratulations for a job well done.

      3. They’ve learned how to work. Take advantage of their ability to do the job without supervision. When you let them do their thing, it frees you up for other managerial challenges.

      4. They can make you look good. Recognize that they can help you excel at your job. Treat older employees as the experts they are, and make sure they have what they need to do their job. They’ll appreciate that.

      5. They expect leaders to lead. Show that you’re a confident manager. Older workers will be resentful if they think they are reporting to someone who is hesitant or anxious.


  2. Steve says:

    106 million people over 50 generate economic activity valued at $7.1 trillion…. More and more privte sector entrepreneurs are beginning to see the aging population as a great opportunity. People 50-plus in America comprise a new “longevity economy,” which is larger than the economy of any countrt except China and the U.S. Plus, as people enter extended middle age, they contribute to society socially as well as economically as volunteers, caregivers and grandparents. One of the true benefits of our increased longevity is having a growing number of older adults available to nurture and teach our young people today….from AARP

  3. tulsage says:

    Dad Proverbs 20:7, Proverbs 16:31
    Damnation, greater they shall receive Widows houses devoured- hypocrites Pharisees and scribes Matt 23:14
    Darkness-  God delivered us  from power of darkness. Col 1:13 If we are without God, the power of sin and death will rule over our lives. … Only Jesus can deliver us from the power of darkness 
    Darkness can’t comprehend Light – God which shineth in darkness is life which is the light of man John 1:1-5 Darkness – take no part , expose them Eph 5:11  rebuke and expose worthless pleasures of evil and darkness  Darkness walking in it stumble John 11:10 Darkness men love darkness rather than light because of their evil deeds  that is the condemnation John 3:17-21 Darkness- walk in Light lest darkness came upon you for those who walk in darkness don’t know where they are going John 12:35
    Darkness- follow the light of the world to have the light of life John 8:12 Light nothing hidden Mark 4:22   Paul saw light Acts 26:14
    Darkness until 9th hours when Jesus was on cross Luke 23:44
    Daughter of ruler  Jarius, ruler of synagogue Luke 8:41-42, 49-56 dead  girl came back to life Matt 9:18-19, 23,26  
    David- Jesus Christ is not his son but his Lord Luke 20:41-44, Christ cometh from the seed of David, out of Bethlehem John 7:42      David  spoke about Jesus’ Acts 2:25
    David- Thou son of David, Mark 10:47-48, Mark 12:35-37
    Day of Judgment Romans 2:1,3,5,7  You won’t escape if you have judged others, because God is not a respecter of persons Romans 2:11-12 It is blasphemy Romans 2:23-24 (See circumcision)
    Deacon- requirements 1 Timothy 3:8-13
    Dead-  God is not the God of the dead Matt 22:32
    Dead- Eutychus fell asleep while Paul was preaching and fell to his death from the third loft. Paul went  to him and he came back, ate and talked a lot. Acts 20:0-12 see death and die
    Dead girl was healed Luke 8:49-56   Mark 5:22-23, 35-43
    Dead- if we be dead with Him we shall also live with Him 2 Tim 2:11
    Dead Job 9-12 People saying what could they do to save the dead
    Dead know nothing Ecc 9:10   Dead can’t come to living Luke 16:26
    Dead Matt 10:8
    Dead saints came out of their graves at crucifixion MAtt 27:50-54
    Dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and they that hear shall live. John 5:25, 28
    Dead son of a widow brought back Luke 7:12-15
    Deaf to hear Mark 7:32-37
    Deafness and dumbness -demon Mark 9:25  
    Death – Jesus by the grace of God, tasted it for every man bringing many to glory to make them captive of the salvation through suffering Heb 2:9-10
    Death  See Eternal Life 2 Corinth 4:11-14   Death 2 Corinth 5:1-2, 2 Corinth 5:6-8 2 Corinth 5:7   Penalty Matt 5:38-39  Comfort death 850  
    Death  Understanding what happens when you die 1 Thess 4:13-17 Isaiah 52:1    Loved ones in death Ecc 9:5-9    Ecc 3:1-2, Good die young Isaiah 57:1-2   John 11:25 Eternal life    Death- the last enemy shall be destroyed by Christ 1 Corinth 15:26 See Eternal life             Death where is they sting when we have the victory through Jesus 1 Corinth 15:55-58   Although we die to this life if we believe in Jesus-put our faith in Jesus we too shall live as we are renewed day by day 2 Corinth 4:11-14    When Christ ascended he took captive those who had held mankind in captivity and  He triumped over all our spiritual enemies- especially Satan, sin and death which enslave the world, and gave gifts, both ordinary and extraordinary gifts of the Spirit.    Eph 4:8,11-12     Die is gain to live is Christ Phil 1:21, 23      1 Thess 4:13-18   JEsus abolished death ad brought life and immortality 2 Tim 1″10   Death abolished and life and immortality brought by JEsus Christ Our Savior 2 Tim 1:10
    Death- no knowing Ecc 9:10, Ecc 9:5          Death through death Jesus destroyed the devil who had the power over death and we were delivered of that fear Heb 2:14-15, 17-18
    Death pains Acts 2:24                      Death cannot separate us from God who still loves us Romans 8:38-39, Not taste death until they see the kingdom of God  Luke 9:27  See die and dead
    Death Silver cord of life Ecc 12:6   spirit returns to God Ecc 12:6   NEW BODIES:    2 Corinthians 5:  For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. 2 Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed instead with our heavenly dwelling, 3 because when we are clothed, we will not be found naked. 4 For while we are in this tent, we groan and are burdened, because we do not wish to be unclothed but to be clothed instead with our heavenly dwelling, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life. 5 Now the one who has fashioned us for this very purpose is God, who has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.  6 Therefore we are always confident and know that as long as we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord. 7 For we live by faith, not by sight. 8 We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord. 9 So we make it our goal to please him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it. 10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad     As followers of Christ we have the same spirit of faith as Jesus and are assured that we will be raised from the dead by Jesus and are delivered from da                            
    Debt-   good deeds are not for grace but for a debt we owe. Grace is given freely without works. Faith is counted for righteousness Romans 4:4-5   owe no man anything Romans 13:8
    Debts paying  Debt-  credit cards- see riches
    Deceit – vain man Col 2:8
    Deceived- see wise- those who think they are
    Deceivers- Flatterers, liars, deceivers Psalms 12:2-5
    Deeds- good deeds are a debt we owe not for grace Romans 4:4
    Defileth man Matt15:11,18, 20
    Defraud inheritance Micah 2:1-5 Edie, (PPDJ, Dems, KP)- Grant not the desires of the wicked Psalm 140:8    Dishonest gain will not last Prov 22:6  Defraud anyone in any manner because the Lord is the avenger of all  1 Thess 4:6,8
    Deliverance to the captives- Jesus came to deliver Luke 4:18     Captives Jesus- the spirit of the Lord upon Him came to set the captives free  Luke 4:18 Isaiah 61:1  Delivered from bondage of corruption Romans 8:21
    Delusion…Deception of satan ctrl f for those words  and see 2 Thess 2:3
    Demetrius made shrines for Diana Goddess- was well paid for doing this work, called together workmen about Paul, who said it wasn’t right putting their craft in danger Acts 19:24-34
    Demon, (This nation) Matt 12:43-45     Jesus said that fasting and prayer is required to cast out some demons Mark 9:29  Demons-     This kind can come out only by prayer.  Mark 9:20-29 (Matt 9:20-22,23-26, 27-29)  Demons know that Jesus is the son of God Mark 3:11 Demons cast out Matt 7:22   MAtt 17:17-21             Demons return Matt 12:43-45   Demon possessed    Demon – casting out into pigs that drowned and now free he spread he story of Jesus Mark  5:2-20     Demons since a child Mark 9:17-29      Child with a demon- Disciples couldn’t cast out due to lack of faith,but Jesus did. The mighty power of God Luke 9:38-44      Demons recognize Christ Luke 4:41  Demons – legion, unclean spirit in a man went into pigs (swine) and they ran into lake and choked Luke 27-33,35,36  Demons cast out by the finger of God (  Luke 11:20  )yet we don’t keep doing what is right the unclean spirit returns and finds our body available so he brings seven more wicked than himself to dwell there and the last state (drugs, alcohol, debt, unhealthy eating) is worse than when it was just one demon Luke 11:23-26   (Poor people have poor ways, and you want to be rich in all that God has for you, so don’t give it a toehold, no matter who satan sends to try to make you believe otherwise as it will drag you back in worse)  The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.John 10:10,  …the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.1 Peter 5:8    And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades  will not overcome it.  I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 16:18-19     “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be[a] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[b] loosed in heaven.  19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.     Matthew 18:18-19 House divided cannot stand so someone serving satan cannot cast him out Luke 11:17-20   healed Dumb and Blind healed Matt 12:22-23       Dumbness and blindness  is a demon 756- Matt 12:22 Dumb Mark 9:17 A single word Jesus spoke and demon fled and all sick were healed.  Matt 8:16(See also the armour of God) First must bind demons before   cast out Matt 12:29 Truth revealed to children and hidden from those who think themselves wise  (Jesus prayed this!) Matt 11:25     demon return when heart is empty Matt 12:43-45 ctrl f here on demon   If God be for us, who can be against us Romabs 8:31     Isaiah 59:1-9
    Dems- and evil Psalm 55:9   Psalm 54:5, Isaiah 57:20-21  Psalms 57:6    Psalm 58:1-10  Having idols but calling on God to save them in their troubles  Jeremiah 2:27    Isaiah 59:3-12     Shame the only shame they know is in getting caught Jeremiah 2:26-27  Jeremiah 2:19-20 Psalms 112:6-10   The Righteous One considers the house of the wicked; He brings the wicked to ruin.  Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too shall cry out and receive no answer.  Proverbs 21:13  Proverbs 1:28 Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; they will earnestly seek me, but will not find me.  Isaiah 1:15 When you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide My eyes from you; even though you multiply your prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are covered with blood.  Isaiah 59:1 Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor His ear too dull to hear.  Jeremiah 11:11 Therefore this is what the LORD says: I am about to bring upon them a disaster that they cannot escape. They will cry out to Me, but I will not listen to them.  Jeremiah 14:12 Although they may fast, I will not listen to their cry; although they may offer burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them. Instead, I will finish them off by sword and famine and plague.”  Jeremiah 23:39 therefore I will surely forget you and cast you out of My presence, both you and the city that I gave to you and your fathers.  Jeremiah 44:3 because of the evil they have done. They provoked Me to anger by continuing to burn incense and to serve other gods that neither they nor you nor your fathers ever knew.  Jeremiah 44:6 Therefore My wrath and anger poured out and burned in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem, so they have become the desolate ruin they are today.  Lamentations 1:5 Her foes have become her masters; her enemies are at ease. For the LORD has brought her grief because of her many transgressions. Her children have gone away as captives before the enemy.  Lamentations 2:17 The LORD has done what He planned; He has accomplished His decree, which He ordained in days of old. He has overthrown you without pity; He has let the enemy gloat over you and exalted the horn of your foes.  Ezekiel 9:10 But as for Me, I will not show pity or spare them. I will bring their deeds down upon their own heads.”  Ezekiel 23:25 And I will set My jealous rage against you, and they will deal with you in fury. They will cut off your noses and ears, and your survivors will fall by the sword. They will seize your sons and daughters, and your remnant will be consumed by fire.  Ezekiel 24:13 Because of the indecency of your uncleanness I tried to cleanse you, but you would not be purified from your filthiness. You will not be pure again until My wrath against you has subsided.  Micah 3:4 Then they will cry out to the LORD, but He will not answer them. At that time He will hide His face from them because of the evil they have done.  Zechariah 1:2 “The LORD was very angry with your forefathers.  Zechariah 7:13 Therefore just as I had called and they would not listen, so when they called I would not listen, says the LORD of Hosts    Psalm 140:8, Matt 10:26 II Chron 20:9, 15, 17, 21, 22 and 32:8   They dug a pit in my path– but they have fallen into it themselves. Psalm 57:6  Plans of wicked God ruins Proverbs 22:12       And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it.  For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them.   But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well. Luke 12:29-31 Proud He has performed mighty deeds with his arm; he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts. Luke 1:51      Proud shall be humbled, humbled shall be honored Luke 18:14   The Lord despises those who say that bad is good, and good is bad Prov 17:15  The evil man will not go unpunished foever. Prov 11:21 (PPDJ, Dems, KP)
    Denied Jesus three times before cock crowed Luke 22:54-60 (Would we if it saved us here on earth?)
    Denying Christ Matt 10:32-33
    Denying God 787       Deny him and he will deny us 2 Tim 2:12-13
    Denying God Matt 10:32-33, Luke 12:9,8     MArk 8:38
    Depending on God 2 Corinth 12:9-10
    Depressed see depression
    Depression Proverb 31:6-7   Depressed read Psalms 34
    Description of who Jesus is see under Jesus
    Desiring evil things 1 Corinth 10:6
    Desolation spoken of by Daniel (Daniel 12:11- “From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.) where it outh not flee to the mountains Mark 13:14   See Christ’s return
    Despised things God has chosen and things that aren’t despised to bring to nought things that are despised 1 Corinth 1:28 PPDK
    Destiny- Fate  Ecc 6:10
    Destroy Jesus Luke 19:47
    Destroy the temple and buildest it in three days MArk 15:30
    Destroyed if you refuse to listen Acts 3:23
    Devil can’t open the eyes of the blind John 11:21
    Devil- father of liars, lusts, murder John 8:44   Kill, steal and destroy John 10:10  (Liars 7:6-9) See Prov 6:30-31 Thief must repay sevenfold Prov 6:30-31
    Devil in womans daughter Matt 15:22
    Devil never give place Eph 4:27
    Devil- see satan
    Devil- they said Jesus had John 11:20
    Devil worship Romans 1:25   
    Devil-/Satan being turned over to him (Marc (PPDJ, Dems, KP) 916
    Devils cast out Mark 6:13   Cast out devil in girl Mark 7:25-30       Devils 7 and infirmities in Mary Magdalene had been healed Luke 8:2
    Diana Goddess of Ephesians Acts 19:24-35 Paul warned gods made by hands are not Gods!
    Die- Godly perish Isaiah 57:1, Micah 7:2
    Died -you have no power to save them when it is their time Ecc 8:8 and 9:2-3 and Ecc 3:2     Ecc 3:12 see death
    Difficulties -see problems, joy, trials, tribulation
    Dirty minded-  1 Thess 4:6 -7  Pretending to be clean dirty on inside Matt 23:25-33 See warped

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