The Oklahoma State Treasurer May Be Holding Money for You or Someone You Know. (See if your town is already on here


If your town is not yet on this list read below the list.

If your city is not, yet, listed above you can bookmark this page and come back later…..or even better….go here and we will show you how you how to uncover your money NOW.


‘What goes around, comes around’….

Whether you find money today….or in the future…please consider doing an act of kindness  in secret, for someone to help us  create a domino effect of kindness in our community. Eventually the kindness you show to others will come back around to you.   And everyone wins when that happens!

A KINDNESS FOR  SOMEONE WHO IS ALONE  Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th), is a day many are left out when alone.  Yet, a Valentine card (even  one drawn by a child), a flower, cookies, a balloon, or candy will warm one’s heart.

Many who are alone don’t go out at night as they can’t chance having car trouble. Offering them a ride to an evening event so they don’t come home alone to a dark house, or to church or changing a lightbulb, even a quick call or text to check on them, or to see if they need you to bring them anything from the store (especially in cold or wet weather) are a few if things so appreciated.

  • Every one of us  know someone who is widowed, yet, most of us are clueless regarding what a widowed person goes through…until sadly, someday in the future we find ourselves there. FACT: widows lose 75% of the friends they had as a couple when their loved one passes. People tend to avoid widows fearing they will accidentally mention the deceased loved one, but the reality is they might cry tears of happiness to know that someone remembers; that they haven’t been forgotten! Click for more  secrets widowers and widows won’t tell you. 
  • A Heart for the Widowed  is a project to remember those ‘left behind’. (Check out the post about ‘Stone Soup‘.)
  • Across the U.S., churches are now using the ‘Stand in the Gap’ program for widows, which requires very little involvement from pastoral staff (since pastors are so busy!)   It would be a wonderful act of kindness to help get the program started in your church….and there is no charge for the program. Even widows can help start this as an act of kindness for other widows.  More information about Stand in the Gap.

Please share this page with your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, fellow church members, your boss, etc. If they find money, they are going to  love you for sharing.

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