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Seriously, see if you can you watch this dad with his baby without laughing You have to hear the dad’s comments, too. .

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All the Places to Find Coupons or Discounts

Updated 4/15/2017 6PM    The discounted little sister to hosts name brand shoes for 30-70% off. Sort by % off to find the biggest savings. Shipping is always free. (Clark Howard, a multi-millionare buys his $90 shoes for $20 here.)      … Continue reading

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Listen to your baby “talking” to tell you what is wrong. Watch their body language, too.

Dunstan baby cry interpretation method Neh (“I’m hungry”) Listen for the “n” sound before your baby’s whimper. (He is trying to suck, so the shape of his mouth dictates the noise. ) An infant uses the sound reflex “Neh” to … Continue reading

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Big Lots (Senior Citizens)

Big Lots Ad Big Lots coupons  (10% off  every Tuesday to people 50 and older may be a better deal. Discount may be available at other locations, but participation, age requirement and discount amount will vary by location, so be … Continue reading

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Things I Want to Teach My Child

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS…. Things I have read or heard that I want to share with my child. These are not my own quotes. Do a ‘ctrl’ ‘f’ to search for a particular word as the info may … Continue reading

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