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Memories of Christmas Past vs Christmas Today

MEMORIES OF CHRISTMAS PAST Christmas was a simpler, more joyous time that most people looked forward to with great excitement. We loved the annual traditions; making cookies and fudge, going to see the lights, chatting while wrapping presents,  playing card … Continue reading

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Childhood Memories – The sights and smells of the Christmas season

“Anticipation is sometimes more exciting than actual events.” ―  Ana Monnar Our Tree Around the 15th of December  we’d all pile into the car and Dad would take us to find a fresh tree Christmas tree. Dragging the 6′ tall  … Continue reading

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Memories from Earlier Times for Baby Boomers and Others

EXCUSE THE MESS…WORK IN PROGRESS If you lived through the 1950s or 1960s see how much of these you remember. You will recognize some started up before you were born but you used them.  Some didn’t last….but what fun it … Continue reading

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Remember when the Christmas season began the day AFTER Thanksgiving?

Do you remember when you didn’t start thinking or planning for Christmas, until after Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving was a special day for all to remember what they were thankful for- God, family, and country. Families that were spread out all over … Continue reading

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Start some wonderful Christmas traditions for your family.

Make some traditions the kids will want to do every year. What are your memories of Christmas past— all the gifts  you got and can name them or are your memories of the fun things you did at Christmas time? Slow … Continue reading

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Fruit Flavored Glazed Popcorn (Inexpensive party treat or great gift idea!)

Note: It is best to not attempt this when it is humid area as the popcorn glaze will start to melt together. Takes me back to childhood…a crispy dry popcorn that you usually find on boardwalks and at fairs….road trips, … Continue reading

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A few of the many places in the Tulsa area where you can donate toys for kids this Christmas

Help us build a list of places that are  collecting toys and more for the needy in and around the Tulsa area.  There are several more in the comments that have been added so be sure to check them! (Be … Continue reading

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