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Secret Spaghetti Sauce Ingredients

Great cooks share their  secret spaghetti sauce ingredient. Try one next time you have spaghetti. Experimenting you might end up with your own secret ingredients.   Cayenne pepper  a touch so it’s not too hot, just a tad bit spicy. … Continue reading

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Instead of clipping coupons, use your iphone!

Use your smartphone to make sure you get the best price

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Community Gardens Make Neighborhoods More Desirable

Proud people who had never before been on public assistance are now having trouble paying their bills. A staggering unemployment rate  leaves many residents,  in once thriving communities, unable to  afford fresh food. Some folks bypass stores’ produce sections relying … Continue reading

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Save-a-lot (Senior Citizens)

Save-a-lot sales ad   (Store is at 21st and Sheridan) DEALS FOUND ON: Hot CouponWorld WeUseCoupons Couponmom *Now that you know what is going to be on sale hurry and get your coupons: 800 numbers to request coupons Accumulating coupons Printable … Continue reading

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Fruits and vegetables- when to buy

Eating fruits and vegetables is the single most important thing you can do to reduce your cancer risk. They can help reverse heart disease. At least four portions of vegetables and a three-portion minimum of fruits per day are recommended. … Continue reading

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Meals on Wheels- There has to be something better!!

______________________________________________________________ What is going on with Meals on Wheels?? I have heard so many complaints about the food from numerous friends in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. The complaints have all been from  very kind people who do not go around … Continue reading

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Grocery Sales -stock up starting before Thanksgiving through Christmas

Here are items that will be at the lowest price of the year during the holidays, so stock up! Meat: Poultry –   Chicken and cornish hens will be on sale with turkey, and the weeks after the holidays will see … Continue reading

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