Prescription Discounts (Tulsa, OK Area)

  • Compare Prescription Prices for your area & Get Coupons:
  • CVS and Target offer coupons frequently for gift cards if you purchase a new or transferred prescription through them. Watch the weekly ads for those and also
  • Walmart has some for $4. *
  • Reasors in Tulsa free prescription antibiotic and vitamins.
  • Genscripts in TulsaA reader just advised us that  “Walmart & GenScripts have lists of prescriptions that are totally free. Ask your doctor to look to see if  there is a similar medication on those lists to the one(s) he is prescribing.   I carry Insurance in case we need an expensive cancer or heart drug or something like that in the future, but for now, we spend about $25 per month each. You can get the list from GenScripts.” Genscripts is located on the north side of 41st St and Hudson Ave, facing Hudson.  Hudson Ave. is at the stop light at 41st St. and Hudson right across from Pet Smart.
  • Costco no membership is needed to fill a prescription!! Costco’s prescription list   Savings are estimated up to 70% off and calculated at the time of sale according to this page of Costco’s site.         6 things you can do at Costco without a-membership




  •   They cut through the red tape by  assisting you in applying for enrollment in patient assistance programs, and with the cooperation of your physician, you may be able obtain prescription medicine free of charge.”
  • The most current and comprehensive directory of Patient Assistance Programs run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine.



  • Ask your doctor for samples.
  • Ask your pharmacist if there are any discounts.
  • Google the name of the drug to find the manufacturer of the drug you were prescribed, to see if you the manufacturer can help with a discount.
  • 5 Hacks for Lowering Your Prescription Drug Costs


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  1. pam says:

    – Visit the drug company’s website. If you’re taking a brand-name drug regularly, check the drugmaker’s website to see if it offers a coupon or discount card that can save you money. (Check for their compassionate care programs which enable qualified people to receive high-cot meds free of charge. )
    – Get help on drug costs. Medicare beneficiaries may qualify for the Extra Help program to cover prescriptions. Savings: up to $4,000 a year. Apply at or call 800-772-1213.
    – Shop around for meds. Area drug prices can vary widely. For example, a customer in Raleigh, N.C., was quoted $249 at a national chain for duloxetine. Costco charged $43 for the same prescription. Savings: $206.
    – Check supermarket pharmacies. Some national chains and discount stores offer common medications for free. If your deductible is $10, you’ll save $120 a year on just one prescription.
    – Enroll in your employer’s flexible spending account. It’s like getting a 30 percent discount on health care and dependent care costs.-pay up to $2,700 of health or dependent care bills with pretax dollars.
    – Free Meds -Partnership for Prescription Assistance at Patients who qualify can save hundreds of dollars. Apply for free meds. Through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (, qualified patients can get help. A free 120-day supply of the diabetes drug Victoza would save $2,096.
    – Beware of products labeled for older people. Look at the ingredients in vitamins and other health goods pitched for people over Often they are only slightly different from regular products — but with a bigger price. Read the labels
    – Check your drugs. Put all your medications into a bag and ask your doctor if you need them all. Many people are overprescribed, especially if they see several doctors for different medical issues. Having your meds reviewed periodically is also good for your health.
    – GoodRx can help you find the lowest prices on prescription drugs. You plug in your prescriptions and city, and the website reveals drug prices and discounts near you.

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