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6 Spices for the Lungs

Herbs and spices that may soothe your mucus membranes and help relieve lung irritation include these common spices: Black Pepper-  used in many western and Indian recipes and also in pickles..    Ginger –  (Fall aroma spices like ginger, cinnamon … Continue reading

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12 Spices to add to your foods that are good for the heart.

Note at bottom will provide a link to get recipes. FENNEL SEED– Add to: basil, chili, compotes, curries, fruit salads, grilled meat, indian pickles, lasagne, meat dishes, olive oil, olives, pizza, sausage ragu, scrambled eggs, seafood, spaghetti sauce, tea, tomato … Continue reading

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Five spices to help with coughs

AND THEY DO SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST HELP WITH COUGHS!!   (The purple shows what to use the spices in; the underlined below gives you a quick look at what each spice can do to help with other health issues!!) … Continue reading

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12 Spices for a healthy heart and what foods to use them in.

BLACK PEPPER CINNAMON  (Be sure you buy REAL cinnamon, not the cassia that most of us think is cinnamon and is found in most homes.) CLOVES FENNEL SEED GARLIC GINGER HAWTHORN LEMON GRASS NUTMEG ONIONS SAFFRON TURMERIC  HERE IS HOW … Continue reading

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