Volunteer Work Can Open Doors

Doctors and psychotherapists have long observed that those who help others tend to enjoy healthier, happier lives.

Often those who have been helped want to do something in return, preferring a hand up, to a hand out. Feeling needed and appreciated, and maintaining their dignity, is important to good physical and mental health.

Experts believe that those who suffer from “the blues” or those who have experienced a life-altering trauma, such as losing a spouse, often benefit from doing volunteer work as much, or more, as those they serve. When we believe that we’re making a difference here on earth, it gives us a purpose for living and sense of satisfaction, which can lead to a longer, more fulfilled life. Studies show the more consistently we do good for others, the happier we become.

When we give to others it activates the release of dopamine, the ‘Feel Good’ hormone, which triggers what is often referred to by psychologists as a “helper’s high”. MRI studies  found that this euphoria reduced chronic pain for several participants. Dopamine also reduces stress levels which has been shown to decrease depression and anxiety, boosting overall well-being and motivating us to do more kind acts, in order to get that “high”. Research revealed that dopamine also plays important roles in sleep, motor activity, and concentration which is important to learning.

Volunteer work can open doors

Although many business executives didn’t go to a private school or have parents who belonged to the country club they realized the importance of strong social connections to their success.  Volunteering in the community is a way to build a solid social network. The  more vast ones network, the more opportunities one has.

Most jobs are never posted to the public. Many companies identify potential job candidates through employee referrals. According to a recent study, referrals are the No. 1 source of new hires. A “social connection” inside a company may be in a position to make a recommendation for a job that is never advertised.

Companies encourage employees’ passion to make a difference in the community. Applicants who are heavily invested in the community bring much more to a company than just their credentials and education.  Aware that volunteer work can provide invaluable skills and knowledge HR Managers often look closely at it on an applicants resume.

Whether on the ascent up the corporate ladder or already sitting at the top, one is always part of a team. Business leaders who volunteer in the community often take notice of “team members” who show leadership potential.

This October 28th, millions of volunteers across the nation will unite on National Make A Difference Day,  the largest single-day of volunteering in the country. That link will tell about the $10,000 prize you can win for the non-profit you choose.

Looking for some ideas? Here are a few.

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4 Responses to Volunteer Work Can Open Doors

  1. P.S. says:

    See what Mike Rowe has about jobs HERE on his facebook page

  2. Tori B says:

    Employers encourage employees to support many local projects.

    Ever feel like you are always on the outside of the cliques? It isn’t a secret how to join. It is not what you know but who you know. Simply volunteer at church or work or wherever!

    • Think of volunteer work as being internship-Some have worked into full time jobs while volunteering.
    • Good works won’t get you into Heaven but it can get your foot in the door of a corporate office.
    • People connect with those who share their values and what’s important to them Sheri miksa.
    • You get to meet people -oftentimes a company President or another who is high up in the company, who will volunteer at organizations close to their heart. Meeting you and becoming friends allows them to look at your social media.
    • Volunteer opportunity gives you a chance to find a niche and fill it.
    • Executives can hand pick but see first hand how you work. This is better than a resume, which they will have you submit as a formality,as it gives them a truer picture.
    • It takes team player to help each other up the corporate ladder – Team players are those who climb the corporate ladder pulled up by team player who hold the ladder to help each other get up there.
    • Volunteers work together and bond as they get to know each other. And most do not belong on only one team of volunteers; most are on multiple teams. Volunteers, make things happen….and usually have a blast.
    • Volunteering allows you make new friends which is one of the secrets to staying happy and sharp: Read more
    • Volunteering for
      – physical health- Increased activity often results in improved health.
      – emotional health- putting others needs before one’s own tends to make volunteers feel better emotionally
      – mental acuity- volunteering in classrooms – improvement in mental tasks
      – stress relief and distraction for those suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure
      – those who experience situational depression overcome their feelings of sadness and loss.

      * contributes to psychological and social development.
      * enhanced pro-social attitudes
      * develop of a sense of self
      * acquire a new skill set
      * opportunity to explore career opportunities Read more

    See also: https://tulsage.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/we-receive-by-giving/

    Encourage others to share this secret with those who desire success.

    Realtors and other sales people, Know more people and do more for others means you can sell more and thus more commission to you. Get your face out there helping others! Get involved. And that doesn’t mean just showing up once or twice and standing around waiting for someone to tell you what to do next. It is a good way to make connections and many people of great wealth volunteer.
    Typros, Are you listening?

    Be sure to see Things I want to teach my child

    You might not be a doctor or nurse, but give what you can-just showing up to give that touch of love necessary in a crisis. Even if you aren’t rich or affiliated with a big organization you can:
    give hugs
    pass out water
    hold a hand
    bring hope
    It sounds like little but it is so much.

    There are needs in every community and we all have something to give. You can:
    read to a child
    serve a meal
    plant a tree
    rake a yard
    send a card
    visit people in the hospital
    make a phone call
    just listen to a lonely person.
    There are numerous opportunities available, such as collecting:
    care items for hospitalized veterans
    food for teachers,
    Help a widow rake leaves or change a light bulb or smoke alarm battery
    -Clean the house of a cancer patient, mow their house, paint it…
    Much good can be done here in OK as friends, neighbors, co-workers, employees, organization, church group, or whomever volunteer.
    See Matthew:25:31-46

    That is what volunteering is about. When you are meant to do something the whole universe can open up to lend a hand. (Blips From Alison Thompson’s story HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD in Guideposts Feb 2012)

    * Simply share what you have. <—-TONS OF STUFF HERE!

  3. E. L. says:

    I read in AARP that there is a growing movement among those reaching age 70 to get deeply involved in volunteering.

    “We need seniors to mentor families and serve as role models, taki9ng their wisdom and investing it in the future. They can impart their experiences on younger Americans–help them stay married, give advice on raising children–all this can influence the next generation.”

    “For most seniors I speak with, their moment of greatest joy is in serving others. This helps them stay active and involved with a generation that desperately need their life experience.

    – Senator James Lankford (Oklahoma)

    Senator Lankford looks to churches, neighborhoods, schools and nonprofit organizations to help lead the charge and connect seniors with families, youth and children.

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