70+ Ways the Internet Has Changed Our lives.

  • Travel agents —> Priceline, Expedia
  • Hotels —> HomeAway and Airbnb
  • Bookstores—> e-books
  • Realtors —> finding it on line and use flat-fee service
  • Big box department stores —> Amazon.com…. (wonder why the malls no longer look like they did in the past?)
  • Traditional stockbrokers and the financial industry—> trading our own stocks online
  • Record companies —> ITunes
  • Local Gas prices—–> GasBuddy tells the lowest prices.
  • Land lines —> carrying our phone with us wherever we go; no long distance charges and no need for a wrist watch…with a cell phone. Sorry Timex.
  • Phone booths – Cell phones
  • Newspaper delivery —> reading on line
  • Attorneys for Trusts and wills—> buying forms online and it is perfectly legal.
  • Car ownership buying a car and paying for insurance, tags, gas, parking and maintenance —> Uber and Lyft
  • Grocery delivery —> ordering online and have the groceries waiting for you at the store or delivered
  • Video stores —> Netflix
  • Friends introducing you—-> online dating
  • Getting a drivers license at 16 to meet friends —> Texting, Facebook, Cell phones
  • Cable —> Netflix, SmartTvs with apps and other content providers and devices
  • Encyclopedias —> Google
  • Doctors appointments —> Doctor on demand (Telemedicine)
  • Going before a judge —> video arraignments
  • Driving to meetings —> video conferencing
  • Telegrams —> cell phones and emails
  • Fax machines —> scanning and e-mailing
  • Yellow pages reps —> googling
  • Background checks —> googling
  • Maps —->GPS
  • Cookbooks —> googling
  • Check deposits at the bank —> with a smartphone
  • High School reunions —> Facebook
  • Having some privacy —> having very little.
  • Greeting cards /Christmas cards —> eCards and Facebook birthday wishes
  • Sharing pictures of family —> email them
  • Getting to school on time —> Online school
  • Invitations and RSVP —> online
  • Movie theatres —> Amazon Prime, Netflix
  • “How to” Books—> Youtube
  • Teachers lesson plans —> Online
  • Courthouse records, county assessor, casenet —> all on line so everyone can be a private investigator
  • Newspaper archives —> always available.
  • Genealogy records —> available without going to the Church of Latter Day Saints fiche (Findagrave, Ancestry.com)
  • Friends fixing you up with a really cool guy —> eHarmony
  • Magazines —> celebrity gossip on line
  • Politics —> everyone seems to have something to say and it is in your face.
  • Wedding registries—> The Knot
  • Latest sales —> here or sent to you so you don’t have to go store to store to find the best price (See also retailmenot or groupon
  • Meeting friends to go Christmas shopping —> Shop in the middle of the night from home.
  • Wondering whatever happened to that cute little girl in 2nd grade —> Facebook
  • reviews before purchasing an item.
  • 6:00 news  – news 24/7
  • Tied to an office —> Telecommuting
  • Simply taking whatever your doctor prescribes —>Typing in the name of the pharmaceutical and next to it the word lawsuit
  • Telling your doctor about a side effect of medicine —> Check side effects here
  • Pharmacist or doctor —> quickly checking for drug interactions yourself
  • Coupon clipping —> Showing the clerk your smartphone
  • Pinterest!
  • Classified ads fees—> Craiglist is free
  • Keeping in touch with family——> keeping in touch everyday with all of them on Facebook
  • Photo processing booth —>smartphones
  • Watching the news to hear the weather report —> Get it anytime, any day
  • Job searches —> From how you look for a job to how you send your resume.
  • Dictionary or Thesaurus —> Online dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Yard sales in newspaper   —> Online
  • Seed catalogs, especially finding non-GMO —> online
  • Counting your words when writing a story —> Check them instantly
  • Check your grammar or spelling or punctuation —> Grammar spelling punctuation
  • Wishing we could lower our bills —> We learn how
  • Messy underwear drawers —> Folding our underwear
  • Toys for toddlers to play with in their strollers —-> Mom’s smartphone
  • Bill paying —–> Done in minutes online.
  • Enjoying the scenery while driving —–>Googling or texting (Not me.)
  • Watching a TV program  from the past —–> Youtube
  • Calling a business between 8-5 —–> Chatting on line with customer service anytime of the day or night.
  • Swatches of paint chips —->googling paint colors
  • Calculators ——> There is one on your smartphone
  • Pedometers—-> Free apps on smartphone
  • Ads in the mail ——> They are online and we always have them with us.
  • Ad in the Sunday paper ——> The newspaper is slow news. We can get it immediately
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6 Responses to 70+ Ways the Internet Has Changed Our lives.

  1. Anna C. says:

    Calculator, watches, newspapers, magazines, malls, cars, retail stores, music the way we get it, media, books, tv, cable, landlines, ancillary equipment for the phones, driving to work in an office, mail, dictionaries, encyclopedias, cookbooks, fax machines, cameras, film developing the film professional photography, private investigators, how to books

  2. E. L. says:

    There is a slide show on here that is pretty good about the changes with technology.

  3. Donna says:

    -phone booths
    -yellow pages
    -writing checks
    -land lines
    -ipods, going to the bank
    -Netflix DVDs in red envelopes,
    -DVD’s when you can stream them
    -Cable TV (thanks to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO Go and streaming services like Sling
    grocery shopping, (thanks Amazon)
    -fax machines (yea e-mail)
    -home ownership for those under 35 (they want to but can’t afford to)
    -retail stores shopping (malls- Good riddance. Turn them into medical facilities!)
    -millennials who work all the time, and feel guilty when they aren’t. experts worry that their attitudes towards vacation will spread (Could it affect Expedia and AirBNB?)
    -Accountants and Lawyers – Artificial Intelligence could replace 39 percent of all legal positions & an estimated 95 percent of accounting positions will be eliminated as a result of automation.

  4. Donna says:

    Some of the Best Online Shopping Sites

    Few Moda
    Style Mafia
    Lisa Says Gah
    Pixie Market
    Need Supply Co.
    The Dreslyn
    Tictail Market

  5. Donna says:

    Not all of these are due to the internet…but more changes….means we aren’t building community and we are becoming isolated. Which brings up this, which everyone should read.
    -ATM’s taking bank teller jobs
    -self service over gas jockeys
    -scanning our own groceries at the store
    -getting our own boarding passes at the airport kiosks
    -picking up movie tickets from machines that don’t call in sick, go on vacation or require a pension,
    -Microsoft Word to type our own letters, instead of secretaries
    -Acting as our own Travel agents
    -Writing our own wills and trusts instead of paying attorneys HUGE sums to have their assistant click a few radio buttons on a computer program. (Or asking at the bank to add a POD line so our money passes to our heirs without an atty…Ditto a TOD for real estate and vehicles.)
    – automated attendants instead of a human answering the phone and transferring calls.
    – online banking….snap a picture of our check and it is immediately deposited to our bank!
    – Directory assistance….We just go online to find a number.
    – Realtors: See here
    – if your ‘land line’ messes up you are told how t find the gray box attached to the house and test it yourself.

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