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What can we do to help a city after a tornado?

All Donated Items Must be New baby bottles, formula, baby food, diapers and other baby items batteries and flashlights gloves work (jersey)and latex can openers cleaning supplies and paper goods such as paper plates, eating utensils, paper towels and toilet … Continue reading

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Big Lots (Senior Citizens)

Big Lots Ad Big Lots coupons  (10% off  every Tuesday to people 50 and older may be a better deal. Discount may be available at other locations, but participation, age requirement and discount amount will vary by location, so be … Continue reading

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Are you a Veteran (or know one) who has a story to share?

We, here at, want to hear stories from our Veterans! Here is a sampling: Mr. Gerald Davis E. Alex Phillips, USN (Tulsa, OK) Harry B. Bankston It is a very simple project from Oklahoma American Veterans News that anyone can help … Continue reading

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Mr. Gerald Davis

‘PENNY’S’ THOUGHTS PREMONITION? Sad Pet Photographed As Marine Dies on Iwo By Helen Waterhouse (Akron Becon Journal, February 1945) A PICTURE of “Penny,” dressed in a marine hat, is on its way to Iwo Jima.  It is addressed to Penny’s … Continue reading

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E. Alex Phillips, USN (Tulsa, OK)

Combat Fighter Ace The origin of fighter “ace” goes back to WWI (1914-1918) when the French were the first to recognize their most successful pilots with the designation “ace”.  Other countries followed suit including the US, Britannia, French, Germany, Italy … Continue reading

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