Community Gardens Make Neighborhoods More Desirable

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Neighbors participate in a community garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Proud people who had never before been on public assistance are now having trouble paying their bills. A staggering unemployment rate  leaves many residents,  in once thriving communities, unable to  afford fresh food. Some folks bypass stores’ produce sections relying on less healthy foods to stretch food stamps. 

Hope takes root in the form of community gardens; a  growing trend across the country.
Across the US something wonderful is happening …. garden  plots are  cleared and beds built by volunteers from local clubs, churches,  companies and other groups.   Seeds are donated or are purchased from the sale of surplus crops.    In many places the city cares for the land surrounding the beds and supplies water.  Anyone in the community can sign up to tend one  and nurture seedlings.
Community gardens  are a source of pride for the whole community when eyesores  are transformed into plots bursting with  fresh  green beans, peppers,  harvest of okra, zucchini, cantaloupe, peppers, sweet potatoes lettuces, onions, squash,  tomatoes, beets, and carrots. Mounds of rubble  replaced by  orchards of apples, pears, and plums help feed families.  Evidence of citizens’ hardworking, hospitable spirit is seen in the  bounty of fresh veggies from communal beds shared with elderly neighbors  and local food pantries.
In areas where  large numbers of students are on free or reduced-price lunches  kids are given the opportunity to learn how to tend vegetable plots in an after-school program.   Many who previously didn’t know what a garden was  become  excited  as  trowels are distributed. The kids plant, weed and pick vegetables to take home. They listen intently as to  how their fresh vegetables can be prepared.
Yet, the vegetables aren’t the only blessing.  Food is more meaningful to people when they  grow and pick it themselves. A sense of pride and confidence is gained from the satisfaction  of “sticking with” something  from  beginning (planting the seed) to end (eating the produce.)   Valuable life long skills are gained and camaraderie enjoyed from community gardening while getting exercise, experiencing fresh air and gaining Vitamin D  from the sun.
They design and then volunteer.
 Much like a pocket park, community gardens are becoming a gathering spot for people of all  shapes, size, color, and age who start out as strangers but become friends as they work side by side.
If you enjoy gardening check out this  neat trick
Learn more about Community Gardens in the Tulsa area:
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  1. Timmi says:

    Here is a wonderful story about Dawn Blackman in Champaign Il who started one and the big difference it made in the lives of many, who learned so much from it.

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